Cand esti mort, nu stii ca esti mort, e greu doar pentru ceilalti. La fel si cand esti prost.

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Conversation about Stefan


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Conversation started today
Maria Tudor

Aleris, only ask yourself a question: how come, in 4 years since i’m saving dogs on my own, many times from my money, nobody else, ever, acused me that i’m stealing money. Ask whoever you want.

And next time do your own research before calling someone “a scam”.
Aleris Cronk

Okay then Maria. Where did Stefan go and do you have any recent pictures of him from his new owners?
Maria Tudor

would that be a profe for you i didnt steal money?

Aleris Cronk

Well, seeing people had issues with your honesty with Stefan, yes that would help. I remember that cause and a lot of people were questioning what happened to him and why updated photos were not taken. I rescued a dog from Romania and I have posted so many photos of him and myself.
Maria Tudor

ok, let me tell you the story of Stefan, then
Aleris Cronk

Maria Tudor

last year in january, i rescued a disabled dog from Oltenita (this is in Calarasi, 50 km away of Bucharest), her name is Vexy, i rescued her, her mother, and another 5 puppies

i had them all treated in PraxisVetlife

after i sent them in NY, i have been contacted by Alina Petrovici

who asked me, nicely, because i have the expertise, to take care of this dog, Stefan, to be their contact in Bucharest, because he is going to be sent here from Targu Mures, from Silvia Mihai

she said Elaine Weisner is involved in this case, and also Rose Engler,, so they will help with everything i need, but they are not in Bucharest, to take care of Stefan, here

so, i said ok, i’ll take Stefan on my name, to discuss all the posibilities of his healing, with the vets, raise money, anything is necesarry

i also got lots of presents for him, on my name, at the post office

anytime i got a box, i took it directly to the vet, where Stefan was

this is about “stealing his toys”

none of his presents ever got to my house, i took them from the post office and let them at the vets

in the meantime, they were looking for adopters, for Stefan

Elaine, Rose, Alina… and some other people invilved in the case

at some point, they told me they found an adopter, told me her name, and asked me to prepare Stefan for travel

he has a spine surgery in the meantime

so, regarding Stefan’s new owner, i never talked with her.. i olny bought Stefan’s plane ticket, got his passport done and the papers he needed

that was my part of the case

we did not raise $5000, it was close to $3000, from which 1550 was the plane ticket

and the rest are bills at the vets

surgery, vitamins, food and foster, for about 2 months

i am using my money to rescue dogs, i have a full time job, i never used money from donations on another purpose except for what they were

i have no clue why Alina hates me, but this is her problem, not mine.

Stefan had a fan page, at some point, i dont know what happened to it, i have never been admin on that page

i told them i will take care of the “outside” problems, and asked them to take care of the online stuff


ah, and about the wheelchair

somebody sent a wheelchair to a post office here. i never been informed. Elaine said “maria, go get Stefan’s wheelchair”, i went to the post office, they told me two times there is no other package on my name

i don’t know why they didnt notify, as they did with the toys and the other presents

but the wheelchair got back in America, to the sender, and afterwards, Stefan got it, in America

i know it was another fee, because of that missunderstanding, but i had nothing to do with it


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