Cand esti mort, nu stii ca esti mort, e greu doar pentru ceilalti. La fel si cand esti prost.

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Marsavia Alinei Petrovici


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Se poate vedea in conversatia alaturata ca scopul Alinei Petrovici nu este sa ma demaste, neavand dovezi in sensul acuzatiilor emise, ci si-a pus in cap sa-mi “distruga imaginea pe facebook“:


(here is the translation in English of the highlighted text)

Alina Petrovici 9:37 p.m.
you do not understand this girl lives on facebook. if her image on facebook is destroyed, she is ruined.
Iris DORNEANU 9:37 p.m.
What do you mean?
Alina Petrovici
is the greatest evil possible. So she gathers donations only through humanitarian ads on Facebook. if you ruin her image, whoever sees her name will not donate
Well how do you know? she may have some other websites
Alina Petrovici
we’ll destroy her
Well, then publish what you have about Stefan
Alina Petrovici
I do not think so… She believes herself invincible. she and criss anca. so it’s enough to make the world  doubt … it’s useless and it’s no good to give the aces you have in hand. nobody knows when they can be used

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